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One day I'll saddle up, and the two of us will ride away.
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    Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
    10:00 am
       Welcome to the Mithril Dagger Inn
                   Now 100% Wyvern-Free


    For those of you who weren't in the Ataniel gaming group with me, "Wyvern-Free" is
    an old RPG in-joke that would take longer to explain than it's worth, but essentially,
    it means "drama-free." Please don't start any drama in this journal. You wouldn't
    want Kayla the Waitress to have to break out her +5 frown of disapproval.

    This journal is also friends-only. That means those of you who don't have LiveJournal
    accounts are going to need to get one if you want to keep reading. Sorry 'bout that.
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